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Rather you are looking for that extra edge, or simply want to have fun, ps3saves has the game save for you. You can even show off to your PSN friends by using some 100% game saves; don't worry, nobody will tell. Remember, sharing is caring, so donate a game save!

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On-line save resigner!

Do you want to use a save from a different region? Tired of using bloated, overwhelming software to resign your game saves? If you answered yes, or simply want to resign your saves like a boss then stop pulling your hair out trying to use those other clunky tools and use our simple on-line save resigner and save yourself the headache... and some hair!

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Stop getting wrecked by the A.I.

Is the A.I. kicking your ass? If so, you're in luck! Our online cheats editor allows you to modify your game saves with ease. Upload and modify your own save game files or download another member's modified game save and resign it using our online save resigner. Stop throwing your controller because you cannot beat that near impossible part in a game. It's time to tell the A.I. to #$*% off. It's time to give YOURSELF the edge!

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New To ps3saves?

Welcome to ps3saves, you noob! Rather you managed to find your way to our little space on the web intentionally or not, take a look around; we don't bite :) We offer a wide variety of both legit and modded Playstation 3 game saves.

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Rather your PS3 is running OFW or your favorite CFW you can take advantage of game save re-signing and cheats. As long as you have a means to transfer your game saves to your PS3 then you are able to take advantage of modified PS3 game saves!

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Getting Started

Not sure where to start? That's why we have put together a few general help & tutorial sections to get you started:


  • Easy, downloadable access to a growing number of shared Playstation 3 game saves.
  • One of a kind on-line save game resigner allowing you to easily use other peoples game saves.
  • Accessible cheats editor that allows you to apply cheats to your Playstation 3 game saves.
  • Sort, manage, and share your game saves and cheats with the ps3saves community!
  • Rate or hate your favorite game saves and cheats using our built in voting system.

Member Only Features

Members, when you upload your game saves or cheats and mark them as public they become visible to other visitors. Visitors are given the opportunity to rate your game saves and cheats. Once you earn enough reputation you are awarded with a nice icon that will be displayed next to your username site-wide. We know it isn't much... Look on the bright side, at least we give you something!

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